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In our drying rooms, windows are opened or closed depending on the weather conditions, in order to ensure optimum drying conditions. We know that there is no air conditioning system that can simulate the environmental conditions of the La Garrotxa region. 

Ramon Ventula S.A. is a company committed to quality.


Ramon Ventula is a family business with a working floor area of 40,000 m2, a production capacity of 5,000 tonnes, divided into 4 plants and more than 85 workers.


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5 products ranges, 90 items and 750 packaging formats are made for more than 500 customers. Generating sales of approximately 20 million euros annually. All underwritten by 70 years of experience.


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Production process. Our way of working is what sets us apart. Selection of the best ingredients, family structure, innovation and tradition, time, temperature and humidity.


Ramon Ventula is a company dedicated to the manufacture of cured hams, serrano ham, streaky bacon and cured sausages. The careful choice of the best raw materials and artisanal production using the best technologies make our products unique.


This consists of coating of the hams and bacon with the best sea salt so that it is absorbed naturally by each piece. The salting time is dictated according to the weight of each piece and the type of ham that we want to produce.

Once the resting period in refrigeration is over and the appropriate salting has been achieved, the pieces are hung and washed to eliminate the excess salt, prior to being dried.


The curing of our products is carried out under a controlled climate to prevent them from being subjected to changes over time. Our intelligent drying rooms control temperature and humidity and this is alternated (weather permitting) with the opening of windows in order to combine this with a more natural drying process.

This way, at Ramon Ventula, we obtain consistent and safe produce with the organoleptic characteristics typical of these products.


As its name suggests, in this process we remove the bones from the ham in order to obtain a product which is more manageable and easier to cut, package etc. This way we can make the right product with the right flavour reaches the final consumer.


Once the optimum curing result has been achieved and according to the type of end product we require, we pack the items. In this way we ensure that the natural properties of our hams last longer and we can package the product as the client has asked.


Finally, our products are sent with all the necessary information and we take the utmost care in their final presentation.