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Our range of products extends from serrano ham, through to cured sausages: ’llonganissa’ sausage, fuet, chorizo and pancetta. Discover our sliced range.

Our cured sausages are all traditional to our culture and gastronomic heritage, with its long held enjoyment of good food.

The production process is carried out using the finest choice of meats, the selection of quality ingredients and the close monitoring of the product as it cures. Everything to achieve a final product of the highest quality.


The effect of salting of our ham and sausages is the partial dehydration of the product, the inhibition of some bacteria and as a flavour enhancer.

Black pepper

Black Pepper is an essential seasoning in our most select cured sausages due to its intense spicy flavour and characteristic aroma.


Known for its characteristic reddish colour and spicy flavour, paprika plays an important role in our range of sausages. It offers a strong, slightly bitter taste with smoky and spicy traces.

The ‘llonganissa’ sausage is made with shoulder and bacon, seasoned with natural spices such as salt and pepper to offer an artisanal product.

Fuet is the most popular cured sausage in Catalan cuisine and one of the most outstanding of our region. Produced using the finest meat and natural condiments, it is a high quality product.

Ramon Ventula's serrano ham is internationally recognised. A level of quality guaranteed by the selection of meat, the controls throughout the production stages and the strategic location of our drying rooms.

Boneless ham

Rolled ham

Whole ham leg

Our range of hams is suited to all markets and customers.

One of our assets is that we cure in the fresh air whenever weather conditions allow, and the curing period ranges from 6 to 14 months.

The chorizo is made with chopped ham and bacon, seasoned with salt and natural spices such as pepper to offer an artisanal product.

The pancetta is one of our most beloved products, the cultural heritage of our land. It follows a process similar to that of hams, but it is characterised by the application of other ingredients in its preparation, such as paprika.

Sliced Products

Needs of the Client

Our sliced range is distinguished by being adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Latest generation machinery

We carry out the whole slicing process using state-of-the-art technology, offering high quality and precise results.

Food safety

The slicing process is carried out entirely in a room with a controlled environment, providing the optimum conditions in order to guarantee food safety.

Packaging systems.

We have a wide range of sliced products, with packaging from envelopes to trays. We package using the controlled atmosphere or Skin systems.